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Not Everyone Loves Startups

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This week, I met a prospective customer who was interested in our Apps, but had a real problem.  “What happens to me when you get acquired?” he demanded angrily. It was a fair question. There are many cases where a young tech company gets acquired, the founders ride off into the sunset, and service goes to hell as the company is absorbed by a large acquiror.  Customers buy innovation from young companies, but worry that that […]

Counting Angels

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How many Angels do you want in your cap table?  Mark Suster wrote a great piece in July giving his answer: “If all else fails, angel-load away! If you can’t raise from a few strong angels, from seed funds or from a VC then raising from a ton (let’s say 20+) angels is a perfectly acceptable strategy. There. I said it. It’s not terrible, it’s just not ideal if you can avoid it. ” Well said, Mark. […]

True Believers and Hired Guns

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Entrepreneurs / Sales

There is a conflict in many startups that no one seems to write about–the clash that can occur between the founder and the professionals they bring in to help build their companies.  It was highlighted for me by a conversation with a friend this week who had just joined a young company in the Bay Area as as a CFO.  He remarked that with just a few tweaks in the business model, he thought the […]

Community Banks Take the Lead with Apple Watch

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Five community banks and credit unions will immediately launch Malauzai Apple Watch Apps, joined by some less notable financial institutions/platforms such as Citibank, Fidelity, and Why are small institutions taking the lead with the Apple watch?  This is an opportunity to make a statement-we can not only keep up in technology, we can lead.   Here’s what they have to say in their own words: There is a definite trend — Community FIs taking the […]

2014 Was An Amazing Year for the Pasadena Angels

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Pasadena Angels / Raising Captial

2014 Pasadena Angels Performance • 4 Exits, including Bluebeam for $100mm • $4.7mm in new funding for portfolio companies • 17 Deals closed, 10 new and 7 follow-on rounds • 20 New Angels joined I have never seen such energy at the Pasadena Angels in my decade+ as a member. Deals are getting done, and the PA are more involved in the tech community than ever before. Angels have been attending many outside events, both […]

The Curse of a Modest Exit

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Angel Investing

You hear about extreme outcomes all the time—the huge exit or a company shutting down. Recently, I got to observe a much more rare event: a company exiting at a modest valuation. The impact on both the team and investors was illuminating. The company in question built mobile apps for a particular sport, and had 3 million downloads with nearly 2 million active users. I had been an advisor to the team on a periodic […]

Join the Connect Weekend with Innovate Pasadena

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Innovate Pasadena is, as usual, leading the charge to showcase the Tech Community in the Greater Pasadena area.  Their next event is a week long extravaganza of Pitchfests, Hackathons, Seminars, and more during the week of 3/10.  Check it out on their site at: Innovate Pasadena. Many Pasadena Angels will join the events, and I’ll be judging apps at the Hackathon. See you there!