2014 Was An Amazing Year for the Pasadena Angels

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Pasadena Angels / Raising Captial

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2014 Pasadena Angels Performance

• 4 Exits, including Bluebeam for $100mm
• $4.7mm in new funding for portfolio companies
• 17 Deals closed, 10 new and 7 follow-on rounds
• 20 New Angels joined

I have never seen such energy at the Pasadena Angels in my decade+ as a member. Deals are getting done, and the PA are more involved in the tech community than ever before.

Angels have been attending many outside events, both in Greater Pasadena and further afield in Silicon Beach. We’ve also been building relationships with incubators and other investors in the ecosystem. Our partnership with Andy Wilson and the Innovate Pasadena team has been enormously helpful, too. IP events have brought great focus to the area, and we’ve been glad to both attend and financially support their events. It’s hard to exaggerate the impact IP is having in Pasadena.

Members have also invested in Cross Campus, and are delighted with the progress on their new offices in Pasadena. Dan Dato, Ronen Olshansky, and the CC team will definitely add to the buzz in the Pasadena Tech community. Their efforts will build on the momentum IP is driving.

We’ve also focusing on speeding up our internal processes to get deals done faster. Entrepreneurs rightly pointed out we must move much more quickly in an age of SuperAngels, incubators, and other sources of funding. We’ve set an internal standard of 30 days from submission to funding decision, and we’ve funded some deals in 10 days or less. We’ve heard the market, and have taken action.

All in all, it’s been quite the year. I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!


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