New Pasadena Angels Site Launches

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Pasadena Angels, Inc. 2013-09-10 08-34-03

The Pasadena Angels have redesigned our site with a new focus on Entrepreneurs and LA Basin tech resources.

We took a lesson from successful companies we have funded–we talked to the market first.  We started by surveying a group of local entrepreneurs and our own members to find out what they wanted in a site.  The message that came back was very clear–both groups wanted a site that showed that: 1) the PA are actively funding companies, 2) are engaged with the local tech community, and 3) made it easy to apply for funding.  We rebuilt the site with that in mind.

Check us out at–you’ll hear the voice of local entrepreneurs, talking about what it’s like to work with the PA.  You’ll see a long list of companies we’ve funded.  There are links to great community resources like Innovate Pasadena and others.  And “Apply Now” buttons everywhere.

We are grateful to Chris English of Chris English Design for his hard work and wise counsel as we rebuilt the site.

Let me know what you think!



  1. The new website has a nice feel to it. I really like how you created separate paths for Angels and Entrepreneurs. I also like the that the “Apply For Funding” button is easy to find. One suggestion – it would be nice to be able to connect with / message a particular member of the Pasadena Angels, like yourself. Kudos!

    • Thanks for the feedback–we were doing our best to think from the Entrepreneur’s perspective, and that lead to the prominent “Apply” button. As for connecting..we are using the Angel’s LinkedIn profile, so it should be easy enough to reach out to them that way. Again, many thanks.

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