Crowdfunding SEO Advice From AngelList

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Angel Investing / Crowdfunding / Incubators and Accelerators

I was lucky enough to be at LaunchPad LA last night to hear Dustin Dolginow from Atlas Ventures/ coach the incoming class on how best to use AngelList to fund their companies.

Much of the advice was basic–have your elevator pitch down, raise enough $$ for 18 months runway, etc.  Then Dustin shifted to “crowdfunding SEO” — how to get discovered, understood, and funded on AngelList.  We learned the details of how to interact with networks of Angels, target key influencers, make your company attractive to your audience, and a long list of other tips.

It was classic SEO advice, but applied to the world of AngelList.  Simply outstanding.

Key takeaways: 1) if you are not on AngelList (and I wasn’t), you better get there if you are an Angel or Entrepreneur, 2) Dustin and company are leading the charge on crowdfunding–pay attention to them, and 3) Launchpad and Sam Teller are creating great value for their companies by bringing in speakers of this caliber.  I learn something every time I visit them.


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