Slacklining at CSULA

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You don’t know what slacklining is?  You are showing your age!  It’s like tightrope walking, but performed on a low-tension,  2 inch wide nylon strap.  Sometimes it’s done in dangerous places, as you can see from the second photo.

It’s a hip new sport…and one of the budding startups at CSULA, SlacklineXtreme, will supply everything you need to get into it.

Philip Thomas, the one of the founders and a mechanical engineering grad student, presented his market research in the Entrepreneurship class team-taught by Professor Sam Landsberger and Mark Lieberman of the LA County Regional Economic Development agency.

The students were tasked with doing something that many founders overlook–primary market research.    Each of them was required to contact prospective buyers and ask questions designed to guide the development of their products.  SlacklineXtreme unveiled their prototype, had other students try it, and collected information, such as what they would be willing to pay.  Oh, and he took 5 orders.  You can see the process here: SlacklineXtreme.

The CSULA students are getting a tremendous lesson–go out and talk to the market BEFORE you commit to the product.  How many companies launch product development without this step?  Too many.

Keep your eye on CSULA…this process will create great companies in due course.

And if you want to learn slacklining from Philip, go to SlacklineXtreme.


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