Budding Entrepreneurs at CSLA? Yes, Really!

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Tuesday, I had the good fortune to meet a roomful of Mechanical Engineering Master’s students at CSLA, and was throughly impressed.  Mark Lieberman, of BTC fame and a Regional Economic Development Manager for LA County, team teaches a prototype Entrepreneurship class there.  Mark asked Kevin Scanlon, Chairman of the Pasadena Angels, to critique his student’s draft business pitches, and I joined the two of them.

The businesses included furniture designed for gamers, an ebook business (http://divinehostess.wordpress.com/), and a redesigned water container for undeveloped countries.   The students were all articulate and extremely bright. (I suppose you don’t get admitted to an Engineering Master’s program if you’re not….)  They came from as far away as Pakistan to study at CSLA.

Stay tuned–you’ll see great companies coming out of CSLA as they broaden the program.


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  1. So great to meet you!! I really appreciate your feedback on our presentations. This has been an amazing journey thus far. I hope you will follow my blog as my site is still being constructed. divinehostess.wordpress.com

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